All Grown Up and Ready to Go Again!

Our Little Miss

Melissa's yearbook baby pictureSeems like we just brought this baby girl home from the hospital. She has brought so much love, laughter, and happiness into our lives.  We have learned so much from her. I like to think she learned from us along her journey so far, too!


Melissa in pink on rocking horse



She certainly has paved the way for her little brother when it comes to Mom and Dad.   Sports were an interest, when she was little.  She tried baseball, basketball with “happy feet,” and soccer.  Once she had trouble with her knees she decided against it.  She does love to watch her brother play lacrosse, cheering him on when she can!  They are so close.  It’s nice to know they have each other’s backs.

Completing her first year in college this past year was a great success.  All the while, she held down a job on campus, joined a sorority, and maintained a relationship with her boyfriend.  She is currently preparing to move into her first apartment (another milestone). She continues to grow into an incredible young woman, who makes her parents proud.

grad possiblity 1  A saying that we have always shared in our house is “Good things come in small packages.”  We were right!  This little spit-fire has fooled a few people with her size.  She is a determined, goal-oriented, and driven gal who is going after internships, researching jobs in her field of journalism, and loving life all at the same time!  Any challenge that comes her way, is faced head on!

Mel Melissa and Sarah


Can’t wait to see what the future holds for her!


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