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Inspired by Vision

Today’s blog may be a short one, however there is a lot behind the following statement.  Having a vision will keep a person going!  That’s for sure.  As mentioned previously, student teaching and interviews are within my grasp.

I explained to my in-laws yesterday.  Having a vision of what my classroom will look like keeps me going.  I can’t wait to show off my “About Me/Meet the Teacher area by my desk, along with all the sayings that will go along with an owl theme in my room.  Our class will certainly “give a hoot!”  These visions are the power behind my determination!


Student Teaching and Interviews!

I am so happy student teaching is right around the corner.  According to my advisor, “It’s in the works.”  I am planning on student teaching at a local public school that I have worked as an assistant, previously.  I will be working with a fabulous teacher that I have known and kept in touch with, via social media, since my departure from the school.

As I am excited about student teaching, it is difficult to see all the need for teachers in the private school system.  As I have five years experience with them as an instructional assistant, I know many of the principals through my work, and through my own children’s education.  I have always stated that I want to do this the right way.  Two principals have been holding me my word.  I think I can say, thankfully.  That allows me to want to push myself through the next three or four months.

Here’s the thing…my program requires student teaching at the end of the program, not like programs my coworkers have been involved in.  Student teaching is not paid, for those that do not know, and no…internships are not this college’s preference.

I have been able to go through the program, conveniently, as it is online.  Busy family…busy mom…online works to my benefit as I can do school work on my clock!  I had struggled with the tests that I needed to pass.  Thankfully, I have passed them all.   I also have had the benefit of the program’s patience when I was diverted off my path for a bit.

I just need a little more patience, as I am so close to the finish line.  There are interviews out there to be completed.  I will be completing them!  Contacts are important, even if this is all in God’s time!