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Inspired by Vision

Today’s blog may be a short one, however there is a lot behind the following statement.  Having a vision will keep a person going!  That’s for sure.  As mentioned previously, student teaching and interviews are within my grasp.

I explained to my in-laws yesterday.  Having a vision of what my classroom will look like keeps me going.  I can’t wait to show off my “About Me/Meet the Teacher area by my desk, along with all the sayings that will go along with an owl theme in my room.  Our class will certainly “give a hoot!”  These visions are the power behind my determination!


My Little Girl Dream

My little girl dream of becoming an educator began to become a reality the Fall season of 2001.  My daughter was in kindergarten.  After being home with her, since she was born, along with my son, who was two years old at the time, I decided that it was time for me to rejoin the work-force.

While inquiring about different employment opportunities, I pondered the idea of working in a school setting. Desiring part-time work, at that point, I was hired as a campus supervisor/yard duty person, at my daugter’s school.  After one or two years, I caught the education bug!  This is when I explored other opportunities in the school district.  Upon my exploration, I came across an opportunity at a junior high school in a town nearby. There was an opening for a special education para-professional.  I had worked with special education students previously. This was going to be a fun adventure!  I was the school’s new learning center assistant for six special education homerooms.

Long story, short, during the period of employment at the above junior high school, I was involved in what became a workman’s comp related injury.  While this may seem silly, it turned out to be a very odd experience. While celebrating a teacher’s birthday, being in a rush to get back to class, a coworker of mine had her hands full when leaving the room.  While trying to balance her work, a coffee cup, and a crystal cake platter all in her hands while opening a classroom door, the platter fell from waist-level, onto my foot!  Ouch! From this accident, I sustained a nerve- related injury for quite some time, resulting in my leaving the position.

Once healed, I was able to transfer to a new school, in the same district.  The transfer was due to a search of less hours at this point in my journey.  I was able to find the perfect job!  I became a computer lab specialist, for a Kindergarten to fifth grade school.  Classes came to the school lab, where I taught different technology lessons, per grade each day.  This was a tremendously rewarding experience for me, until hours for this position were cut by the district, from 32 to twelve hours a week.  My children were both in school at this point, and with the economy our household needed more income, than that would provide.  Onto the next job exploration, I went.

At this point of my children’s education, my husband and I made the choice to enroll them into a local Catholic school.  Our daughter had been bullied in the public school system.  While not receiving the support we were looking for, and turning to our faith, we made a connection with a family friend who was a principal at a school, close to home.  In hine-sight, for these two kiddos, it was a smart decision on our part.  While growing in the Catholic community, as a family, this is the point where I decided to look into opportunities that the local diocese may have for employment.  Here I sit, five years later, continuing to finish up my teaching credential, in order to become a teacher.  I have completed my masters work.  As today’s perspective teaching requirements are much more stringent than twenty years ago, I wait for results of the most recent state test taken; before going onto the next step.

While I wait, I reflect on knowledge from previous experience, my college education course-work, my own children’s school experiences. (Now the oldest is facing her sophomore year in college, while her little brother is going to be a junior in high school.), and of course everyone’s favorite…Pinterest!  I am on this journey with many ideas of my own, which I have put into action while being a para-professional, as well as a long-term and short-term substitute.  Come along with me on my journey!  I look forward to us learning from one another!!