“Celebrating with cartwheels in the bleachers!”

This weekend was such a big weekend for our house!   On Friday night, as mentioned,  we got the news that I passed my CSET Exam.  Many people have supported me throughout my testing journey.  Thank you all for your sweet notes on Facebook.

Our son also played in a lacrosse tournament, after being invited to play for his high school team.  While there, i returned to the bleachers, thinking of all the great things in our lives.  Our daughter is home from school.  All four of us were at the tourney.  I finally passed my test.  I was enjoying the beautiful weather, and then…kerplunk!  i trip over a bleacher bench, fell flat on my elbow, and fractured it.  It’s a non-displaced radial head fracture.  From what I understand, it’s the kind of this  type I want, as it can heal without surgery.  Also, it’s my left elbow, thankfully, as i am right-handed.

As there was quite a crowd around my fall, it was embarrassing, however with the help of my husband, daughter, a friend keeping me calm, and the league staff, I was taken care of greatly.  I always try to look at the bright side of things.  It was my niece who helped me with this in the text exchange bellow!  Love you, E!

Me: “Hey…Did you hear I passed my big test?”

E: “Yes! Congrats!  I heard you celebrated by doing cartwheels in the bleachers!”

–Making lemonade out of lemons!


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