Last CSET test taken and passed!!

Those that have taken the CSET Exams for a teaching credential know the time and dedication it takes to pass them.  I am happy to be blogging tonight, that I received the last of my CSET results; having officially passed all three!!

Have you ever been one half or three-quarters the way up a tall mountain such as Half Dome or Mt. Kilimanjaro, and were not sure if you could finish?  This is how I felt one year ago, when I received word I did not pass the CSET I had just taken.  I feel like everyone is building a story that they can keep to themselves or share for others to learn from, in life.  Maybe my story can spur someone on to do success in an area that is needed.

Over the last year, I have had the obstacles of my sister’s death due to the accident she was in, mentioned previously, along with my father’s passing ten short weeks later.  Some may wonder how I didn’t crawl into a hole and disappear from these “piggy-back” deaths, while grieving.  Believe me, I have learned how to be kind to myself while healing.  It has been a struggle, but from those struggles we receive strength.

I like to believe that my sister and my father both were part of the driving force that was steering me to accomplish the above.  The other part of that force was all the love and support that I have received from my family and friends.  The belief in me that has surrounded me over the last two months and more, while I was preparing for this last round has been an enormous gift; one that I will appreciate for a long time to come.

I have been waiting to shout from the roof-top that I am finished with the CSET Exam portion of my credential program.  Tonight, I was able to do just that!



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